Donald Trump inauguration: Supporters pay for Trump skywriting over Sydney

“Trump” appears in skywriting over Sydney. Photo: Samundra ShresthaA group of Donald Trump supporters emblazoned their delight at his inauguration across the Sydney skyline on Saturday, paying a skywriting company to write the new President’s name among the clouds.
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The letters T-R-U-M-P appeared in the sky just as thousands of women took to the CBD streets to protest against the Trump presidency.

Pilot Rob Vance etched out the new President’s name twice from 12.30pm. He said those who commissioned the stunt wished to remain anonymous as they feared a backlash.

“They were Trump supporters,” Mr Vance, of Skywriting , said. “I can tell you that.

“It was OK with me. He did win the election, so half of the people must have voted for him.”

Mr Vance said the skywriting piece set his clients back $3,990.

The letters were written at an altitude of 4500 metres, using smoke emitted by Mr Vance’s Cessna. Each letter was 500 metres tall.

People from Redfern to Kogarah shared pictures of the giant text on social media. The best bit about this Trump skywriting is some rich rent seeker tax dodger will have paid 10% gst on this Sydney sky vandalism. pic.twitter苏州夜总会招聘/ItxUuEVNfH— Nathan Lee (@NathanLee) January 21, 2017It’s going to be a long 4 years… #trump written in the sky over sydney pic.twitter苏州夜总会招聘/JdmG2IxFsx— Damien Suplina (@DamienSuplina) January 21, 2017

Mr Vance said the period of time the letters remain readable is dependant on the weather. “They usually can be seen for 10-20 minutes, but when it’s hotter it’s shorter. And It was really hot up there today.”

A small consolation, perhaps, for those in Sydney who are not celebrating the US presidency.

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